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Selling: Commercial Marketing Plan

"You would not go to court without an attorney, nor calculate your taxes without the help of an accountant, and you should not try to buy or lease real estate without someone representing your interest."

Selling Commercial Real Estate in today's complex market requires knowledge, creativity, experience, enthusiasm and the financial ability to advertise and promote your property throughout the marketing term.

Upon placing your property on the market, Commercial Brokers Inc. will: 
  • Place your property on the Lafayette Regional Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service covering all of Tippecanoe and surrounding counties. 
  • Place your property on Loopnet , the most widely used National and International Commercial Listing/Analysis Database Systems.
  • Arrange professional photography for the property.
  • Prepare a detailed Value Analysis of your property and Comprehensive Appraisal-Grade Investment Package, when applicable.
  • Prepare a Property Brochure, detailing all property information, together with a time-lined marketing strategy.
  • Specifically through direct mail, inform Commercial REALTORS¬® throughout the Midwest US that your property is on the market.
  • Distribute your Property Brochures to all REALTOR¬® members of the National Multiple Listing Service..
  • Provide E-Brochures to targeted buyers.
  • Target market your property to prospective purchasers and tenants of like properties, including users and investors, through a one, three, and five mile Database Systems Search of those looking to buy or lease your property.
  • Prepare a Press Release regarding your property for media distribution, when warranted.
  • Network with other Commercial REALTORS¬® on a daily basis by telephone, direct mail, and scheduled Commercial Meetings.
  • Present your property to past, present, and future Commercial Brokers Inc. Group
  • Commercial/Investment prospects, whose investment parameters match your property.
  • Market your property to our selected local, national and international Investor Databases.
  • Produce a professional, computer generated and narrated Property Video and/or Web Tour for your property, when warranted.
  • Place classified and display ads for your property in local newspapers.
  • Market your property, on the WORLDWIDE WEB through Commercial Brokers, and
  • Assure continuous effort to promote and market your property.
  • Keep you informed regarding showings, inquiries, advertising and overall activity.
  • Handle all inquiries and showings personally, to provide the best opportunity for a sale.

It is Commercial Brokers Inc. intent to provide each of the above services for every Commercial Company Listing. However, this isn't always possible or feasible due to time constraints, market conditions, ad deadlines, media availability and marketing term.

Buyer/Tenant Representation

"You would not go to court without an attorney, nor calculate your taxes without the help of an accountant, and you should not try to buy or lease real estate without someone representing your interest."

In today's real estate market, the gray line between representing the landlord/seller and the tenant/buyer is well defined. Commercial Brokers Inc. can provide the buyer/tenant with proper representation. The market knowledge of the agent and company are critical to obtaining an optimal deal.

  • Marketing on the Internet (
  • Digital photography and color reproduction of marketing materials
  • Three color corporate logo signs
  • Target marketing through mass mailing and warm calling

Tenant Representation, The Ideal Step-By-Step Scenario

Step 1 - Needs Analysis - (120-60 days out)

  • Move-in date
  • Size (Square feet)
  • Layout
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Special needs
  • Expansion options
  • Renewal options

Step 2 - Logistics - (90-60 days out)

  • Attain financials
  • Complete representation letter
  • Send out initial request (RFP's)
  • Establish a tour date

Step 3 - Initial Tour & Request Proposals "RFP" - (70-45 days out)

  • Tour 5 best sites
  • Narrow list to 3 sites
  • Review "RFP"

Step 4 - Review Proposals - (60-45 days out)

  • Start space planning
  • Counter proposals
  • Review lease documents and legal counsel (if necessary)

Step 5 - Lease Execution & Preparing to Move - (45-30 days out)

  • Have leases executed
  • Have vendors ready
  • Phone system & Bell South
  • Moving company
  • Printer (stationary & business cards)
  • Notify suppliers (business machines, post office)
  • Notify customers & employees

Step 6 - Punch out & Follow Up - (0 days out)

  • Tour completed space 3 days prior to move in
  • Establish a moving coordinator & date (Saturday?)
  • Attain & record lease documents

Conventional Brokerage and Leasing

Our brokers act as exclusive agents for property owners, developers, and retailers, and handle sales and/or leasing.

Our aggressive marketing employs the latest technology.

Consulting - Appraisal - Property Exchange

We provide evaluations and recommendations for property owners, retailers, developers, syndicates, investors, and institutions, including:

  • Analysis of existing or proposed sites
  • Retail sales and competitive analysis
  • Retail development
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Demographic and psycographic studies
  • Analysis and comparison of market rents and expenses
  • Consultation of space utilization and efficiency maximization
  • Development of marketing plans, including a targeted list of potential tenants


More and more, institutions, purchasers, and property owners need to know the current market value of their property. We can provide these services at various levels of detail. Property valuations for acquisition, disposition, refinancing, insurance, restructuring, and balance sheet verifications can all be performed. Appraisal services apply not only to owned property but leased property as well.

Property Exchange

Through our experienced exchange associations, we can easily perform IRS (Section 1031) "Starker" exchanges. No longer are property owners required to exchange one property for another. The rules have been changed to allow for anyone owning a commercial property to be able to move their "basis" into another like-kind commercial property regardless of who buys the property, and thereby defer any capital gain taxes.

Property Management

Regular Site Visitations


  • Cleaning Service
  • Window Cleaning
  • Trash Hauling

Security Services

  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Security Guards


  • Interior
  • Exterior

Pest Control


  • Methods of Control
  • Lot Maintenance and Upkeep


  • Building
  • Equipment

Preventive Maintenance Programs


  • Issuing
  • Control

Graphic & Signage

  • Directory Boards
  • New Tenants' Needs

Establish Emergency Procedures

  • Fire Department
  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Utility Company
  • Trade Contractors
  • Security

Keep Track of Warranties

  • Elevators
  • Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Handlers
  • Compressors
  • Life Safety Equipment
  • Fire alarm
  • Smoke Detector

Leasing Space

  • Show Space
  • Space Planner
  • Negotiate Lease
  • Arrange Build-out
  • Clean Up
  • Move-in

Tenant Move-Ins

  • Set Move-in date
  • Schedule Elevators
  • Ingress to Building
  • Punch List

Lease Administration Synopsis

  • Commencement Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Options
  • Allowances
  • Special Provisions
  • Set up Lease Files
  • Prepare Plot Book
  • Existing Tenant Needs

Investment Analysis

We provide Investment Analysis Services:

  • Establishing Net Operating Income
  • Cash-On-Cash Returns
  • Capitalization Rates
  • Loan To Value Ratios
  • Present Values
  • Net Present Values
  • Internal Rates Of Return
  • Financial Management
  • Rate Of Return
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